Welcome to Dream Integrity

Have you ever tried to look at the back of your own head?  It can be done with some tools and flexibility.  

Have you ever tried to look at your own life experience objectively?  It can be done ~ with some tools and flexibility!

Most of us know: we can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy; we can justify our unhealthy habits or, conversely, forget about our best qualities when we are feeling stuck or stressed out.  

My dreams have been the best tool for showing me what I need to know in order to move forward.   They give voice to the hidden knowledge I need to balance what I know consciously.  By attending to the wisdom of my dreams, I am attending to my increasing wholeness. 

Dreams reveal new layers of meaning in waking life events as they reveal your unique purpose and role in those events.  Please know that your dreams are on the job and to make use of their wisdom you need some tools and some flexibility.  Like any worthwhile journey, the effort you make will be reflected in the benefits.

It is an honor for me to welcome dreams and share in the insights they offer.   Dream groups, consultation and workshops provide space, time, and guidance for bringing wisdom to the light of day ~ where it reveals your true Self and contributes to wholeness.  

If you’re curious about dreams in general or one of yours in particular, please get in touch by calling (843) 343-3136.  

You are Invited… Get started tonight: 

RECALL your dream as soon as you awaken; before sleep, set your intention to remember by writing a question or simply affirming: “I will remember my dream upon waking”.

RECORD your dream right away, in present tense with paper and pencil noting as many details and feelings as possible; drawing images helps too.

REFLECT on your associations to the places, objects, actions, words, images, and characters – then look for similarities to your waking life. Insights come in the form of an “aha” or shift in your awareness.

 Which Dream Do You Remember … Right Now?  Your “old” dream has insights for you today… actually, sometimes we don’t remember new dreams until we explore the old one…  

(843) 343-3136  or betsy@betsygrund.com