I asked “my” dreamers what they like about dreamwork…

… and here are some of their comments:

“Betsy’s dream groups are supportive, individualized, effective, and insightful.  It’s great to get feedback from other members and from Betsy.  The best thing about working with my dreams is having permission and encouragement to make healthy changes in my life. I’ve learned to be more accepting of myself and others and to make better decisions on how I use my time. Dreamwork has helped me with setting boundaries.” ~ Lilless, 72

“Betsy’s introspective process has helped me unlock the wisdom of the dreams and what they can teach me about myself. Each dream is a supportive, insightful teacher! Dreamwork put some of the negative stress/preoccupation with my challenges into a larger, more objective context. Betsy is a trustworthy guide to the inner life. Our time together informs my heart and my mind in ways that typical approaches to dreams and counseling have not.” ~ Edward, 65

“Sincerity, caring, and clarity of purpose – a great combination.  She helped me see through the haze of a profound dream – a dream that packed so much power… it made me cry.  A dream, which spoke of individuation, and the eternal – it seems – interplay/communication between Animus and Anima…” ~ Bill, Teacher

“By working on my dreams with Betsy, I have learned to see past the surface of my worries and reactions. I have learned to explore deeper, and hear the dreams’ messages about who I really am and where I want to be. Working with Betsy has helped me to have true “ah-ha” moments about the things going on in my life and the reasons I react to them the way I do.”  ~ Michael, 51

“Working on my dreams with Betsy I get new insights into issues that affect my waking life. I feel refreshed and renewed after our sessions.”~ Tzivia Gover, 51, author and dream therapist

“Dreamwork with Betsy Grund has given me a sense of my own story, my past, maybe my future… She is methodical, serious, but not so serious that she can’t laugh at herself and the absurdity of everything. Her thorough study of other people’s ideas lend credibility to a heart that is clearly listening deeply and working hard to connect the dots…” ~ Patton, 60, minister

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