Who Does Dream Work?

Since I announced the opening of my Dream Office in December, several people have asked:

Who Does Dreamwork? 

People in every culture across all historical periods and all over the globe, have used dreams for guidance.  The insights they offer are up-to-date and personal, making dreamwork an ideal practice for expanding health and consciousness.  I have worked on dreams, since 1987, with:

People who have recurring dreams.   Dreams recur when we haven’t “gotten the message” offered by our inner self.   All dreams come in service of health and wholeness and they will persistently nudge us in that direction.  The repetition occurs because those images are the most efficient for delivery of that message.

People who have had a compelling dream or nightmare.  All Dreams, especially nightmares, come in service of health and wholeness (this is important; sometimes I have to repeat it!).   The nightmare contains information about a waking life situation and the compelling emotions ensure it will be remembered!!  

People grieving a loss and/or dream of  the “departed.”  Dreams access our personal inner landscape and that of the “collective unconscious.”  There is tremendous opportunity for healing all kinds of losses and for exploring questions about spiritual life.

People who want to remember their dreams.   Not everyone remembers dreams easily and there are a number of reasons for that.  There are also lots of solutions worth trying! 

People seeking to resolve health concerns.   Every dream comments on the physical health of the dreamer, and there is growing verifiable evidence that our bodies know about health issues long before we are consciously aware of them.  This research and the potential for healing through dreamwork gives me goosebumps! 

People using dreams to enhance artistic endeavors or creative problem solving.   You may know,   the invention of the sewing machine, “Yesterday” by Paul McCartney, the Periodic Table of Elements are attributed to dreams.   Our dreams are the source of original work and solutions to every problem known. 

One of the things I love about dreams is everyone can use them ~ they meet us where we are and gently guide us, taking us places we’d never find on our own, toward balance and wholeness.   

Recording dreams every day can be time consuming and it is not necessary!  My wish is that when you have a dream that captures your attention, you will have some tools for accessing and using the wisdom being handed to you from your inner genius ~ Just sayin’.

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